Nicole Neer, PT, DPT, CPT

Nicole is a pediatric physical therapist and certified personal trainer. As a pediatric physical therapist, Nicole has experience working with all populations from neonatal through 18 years. She believes that purposeful play with an infant’s caregiver helps children meet their greatest potential.

As a CPT, Nicole’s career has focused on functional fitness appropriate for pregnancy and all stages of postpartum. She has completed additional training and certification as a MommaStrong personal trainer. Nicole uses HIIT and functional strengthening to assist her clients in meeting their goals. Additionally, she uses her knowledge in anatomy and physiology to modify exercises for pain, injury and all abilities.

Nicole founded WILD BLOOM WELLNESS with the goal of assisting mom and baby with meeting their wellness goals. She is passionate about meeting moms where they are, being body positive, and encouraging moms to take control of their health and wellness.